Kris Jenner Denies Helping Kim Kardashian Release Sex Tape: Video

The hard truth. Kris JennerDuring a lie detector test, she was forced to openly discuss her feelings about her family.

The momager, aged 66, appeared on James Corden’s Late Late ShowThursday, September 8th, alongside daughter Kylie JennerIt was not easy to answer tough questions. While hooked up to a lie detector machine, Corden, 44, first asked if the Kar-Jenners had any “overseas tax shelters.” After a few laughs, Kris responded, “No,” and was “approved” to be telling the truth.

Kylie then asked if she was the Kar-Jenner matriarch’s “favorite child,” and was apparently telling the truth when she confirmed that the beauty influencer was indeed her fav.

Corden then challenged Kris on a rumor that’s made the rounds over the years: did she help daughter Kim KardashianRelease her sex tape After Kris said “No,” and a dramatic pause ensued, the man giving the test gave a thumbs up — she was telling the truth.

The test also asked whether the businesswoman was dating. Corey Gamble, was husband material, whether** she liked daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding dress and whether Kylie canceled on family commitments too much.

“We’re clearing everything up today!” the In the Kitchen with KrisAuthor laughed.

Kris only got a “false” response once during the interview, when she was asked whether Kourtney, 43, and husband Travis Barker’s PDA was “too much.”

“Once in a while,” the San Diego native first responded, before being told that she wasn’t telling the truth. “Once in a while, it’s too much. You know, a little bit goes a long way… I’m trying to say this as nice as possible!” she laughed. “I really can’t go home now.”

Kylie and Corden saved the toughest question for last: “Has Kendall [Jenner] learned how to cut a cucumber?” referencing that viral video of the 26-year-old’s vegetable chopping skills (or lack thereof).

“No,” Kris replied with a smirk — another answer that was marked to be “true.”

Kris and Kylie have been making the rounds in the press about their Kylie Cosmetics collaboration. The beauty mogul shared the release date via Instagram on Wednesday September 7. “THE KRIS COLLECTION ROUND 2 COMING SEPTEMBER 14th!!! I love collaborating with you mommy,” the Life of KylieAlum wrote alongside a collage of photos.

In the first shot, Kylie and Kris rocked sexy black corset dresses, topping off the look with glasses of dirty martinis — aka Kris’ go-to cocktail that served as the theme of the soon-to-be-released palette.

In the second slide, Kylie showed off the new capsule, which includes a lip kit, gloss, blush, eyeshadow — shaped like a martini glass — and olive-adorned eye masks.