Korie On Obama: We've Turned Away From God

November 12, 2015Nov 12, 2015


How has Obama's leadership impacted our country? Not well, according to Korie Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, in this WND article.

When asked how Obama's administration has handled faith, Korie responded quite honestly: “Well, I don’t think they really have handled faith. I think that they’ve shied away from it and I think that we are seeing the results of that. When we shy away — when we turn away from God — we do see the results of that.”

And Korie thinks we really need to see strong spiritual leaders. “I think we’ve excused politicians for way too long,” she said. “We’ve not held them up to be people of character, people of good values, people we’d want our children to be.”

That need, in part, is what inspired her to write her new book, "Strong and Kind." She sees the tremendous lack of spiritual grounding in our nation and in our children. “We’ve turned away from God. We’ve said to God, basically, ‘No thank you. I think we know better. And … it’s showing in the way that our young people are growing up and the respect that our young people have for authority, and the way that people are acting towards each other.”

And this lack of values has led to a lack of identity, Korie believes. “We’re all so confused about what’s right and wrong, what we value, and what we consider heroic and what we consider important,” Korie said. “And we’ve actually lost confidence in the truth and in who we are.”

Korie doesn't want a president who imposes his faith, though--but one who exemplifies it. “I don’t want anybody imposing their beliefs on me … but I do think we need to have a president [who] loves God and honors him and has the values that he tells us [are] right,” Korie said.

What do you think? Do you think Obama's lack of spiritual leadership has really affected our nation? Who is a presidential candidate that you think would be a good spiritual leader? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!