Kori Robertson Says We Need THIS Type of Person In The White House

November 16, 2015Nov 16, 2015

The presidential race amidst the Republican candidates has been getting increasingly heated as front-runners vie for the highest percentages in the polls. The personal attacks are flying back and forth thickly, and "Duck Dynasty" star Kori Robertson has something to say about the kind of man or woman we need in the White House.

Recently on Fox Nation's Dispatch, Todd Starnes was interviewing the mother of five about her new book "Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed."

He questioned Kori about her emphasis on character in the book and asked her, "Why is good character important to raising a child?"

"I think that's something we've gone away from a little bit. If you ask most parents what they want in their children, they say they want them to be happy. Well, there's a whole lot of other things that are maybe a little deeper and more important for our children. Yes, we want them to be happy, but more importantly we want them to be men and women who grow up to be men and women of good character, and here we are in the presidential election — we need a man or woman in the White House that has good character, that has strength and kindness and gentleness and humility...."

Her advice to GOP candidates?

"I think first and foremost we have to turn back to God. I think we have turned away from God as a country and we are seeing the results of that.... I want to see a man and woman in the White House that honors God. That seeks Him. That seeks His wisdom. And beyond that, even if you're not a believer, I think we can all agree that virtues like honesty and goodness and hard work and self-control and patience — all of these values that are godly values, that are good values — are important in a presidency."

Do you agree with Kori that these are the most important character traits to look for in choosing a president?

Watch the four-minute interview: