Knife-Wielding Man Shot Dead After Attacking Guard Outside Political Leader's Home

March 11, 2018Mar 11, 2018

A man has died after being shot outside the home of a world leader in Austria. According to reports, a knife-wielding man was killed after attacking a guard outside the Iran ambassador's home in Vienna, Austria.

At this time, police are continuing to investigate the incident. The man who died was a 26-year-old native Austrian. His name has yet to be rereleased.

When the suspect attacked the guard, the guard responded by initially using pepper spray. However, as the man persisted to attack the officer, he was forced to use lethal force and shoot the suspect.

The attack occurred just before midnight on Sunday night. He was shot at least four times with the officer's handgun. The guard is said to be okay but is being treated for minor injuries and shock symptoms at a local hospital.

"We don't know if this is the only aggressor or if there are other people involved," said the police spokesperson in Austria.

Security measures have been increased surrounding the ambassador's residence. Reports have not stated if he was home during the attack.

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