King Charles III Frustrated Over Faulty Pen at Ireland Ceremony

Drats! King Charles III experienced a snafu with a leaky pen during a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland – and the monarch was less than pleased. 

“Oh God, I hate this thing!” Charles, 73, quipped as a pen leaked all over his hand while signing a visitor’s book at Hillsborough Castle on Tuesday, September 13. 

As he was rubbing his hands clean, the monarch quickly got up and handed his pen to his wife. “Oh look, it’s everywhere,” Queen Consort Camilla, 75, said as she inspected the pen, to which the king replied, “I can’t bear this bloody thing … every stinking time,” before exiting the room. 

The sovereign was also frustrated by signing the wrong date on the documents. He checked with an aide, who alerted him that there was a date behind.

The royals arrived at Hillsborough Castle, Belfast on Tuesday as part their U.K. Tour following the death on Thursday, September 8, of Queen Elizabeth II. They visited the tributes left in memory of the queen, including flowers and handwritten messages. They also attended a Service of Reflection in honor of the queen at St Anne’s Cathedral.

While addressing Irish residents for the first time as king, Charles said he’d continue his mother’s mission to maintain the welfare of Northern Ireland.

In the years since she began her long life of public service, my mother saw Northern Ireland pass through momentous and historic changes,” the royal patriarch declared in his speech on Tuesday. “Through all those years, she never ceased to pray for the best of times for this place and for its people, whose stories she knew, whose sorrows our family had felt, and for whom she had a great affection and regard.”

King Charles III Frustrated Over Faulty Pen at Signing Ceremony

This isn’t the first time Charles has been seen getting flustered since the death of his mother. The monarch looked annoyed as he signaled to his aides for pen holders to be moved as he signed documents at his accession council on September 10. 

It has been a busy — and difficult — few days for the monarch following the 96-year-old’s passing. After heading to Scotland to be by his mother’s side at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Charles returned to London on Friday, September 9, for his accession ceremony. On Monday, September 12, he then flew back to Edinburgh to walk behind the queen’s coffin alongside his siblings Prince Andrew, Prince Edward Princess Anne. 

After spending time in Ireland, the king returned to London once again to meet the rest of the royal family — including sons Prince William, Prince HarryThey were accompanied by their wives. Princess Kate Meghan Markle — to receive Elizabeth’s casket. She is expected to spend one last night at Buckingham Palace, her beloved home.

On Wednesday, September 14, there’ll be a procession to Westminster Hall. The royal family will attend a brief service led by the Archbishop. Reverend Dr. David HoyleBefore her lying state starts, Dean of Westminster. 

Following Wednesday’s event, the public will be able to pay their respects in-person for several days until her state funeral ceremony on Monday, September 19. Her final resting spot will be Windsor Castle in a grave with Prince Philip, her late husband who died in April 2021, at the age of 99.