Kindergarten Refuses Answer After Girl Comes Home Traumatized from Boy's Gender Reveal

August 24, 2017Aug 24, 2017

A 5 year old girl came home crying to her mother after she witnessed her boy classmate changing into girl clothes in a teacher-led "gender reveal" on the second to last day of school. She was terrified she was going to turn into a boy, explained the girl's mother

The kindergarten, in Rocklin, CA, didn't tell parents before (or after) the teacher read two transgender books to the young children and had a gender-confused boy change into girl clothes, where he would thereafter be referred to by his female name. The parents only found out about the traumatic and inappropriate incident from their own kids. 

The school board is now refusing to comment on what happened in the class and is forcing the students to explain it to their parents. "Because of our obligation to protect student confidentiality and safety, we are not at liberty to correct every detail,” said the school, claiming that parents were wrongly reporting what happened. 

“All of the students knew that the child now had a girl brain in a boy body and that he had a new name that the students were to call him,” a parent stated, trying to piece the facts together. “Because of this we are assuming that there was some sort of presentation.” Additionally, at the graduation ceremony the following day, the teacher introduced the student by “his girl name” and “all of the students knew he was now a girl and that he had to be called by his new girl name,” the parent shared.

The concerned parent has launched a petition against the school, but is getting hate mail because of it.  “People are afraid to talk about this issue," shared the parent. Not only that, but schools are terrified to oppose anything transgender for fear of lawsuits and state punishments.  

Indeed, shares Life Site News, "the board didn’t have to tell parents in advance because gender issues don’t fall under sex education and aren’t subject to the state’s opt-out and parental consent laws." California also has laws banning discrimination based on gender identity and expression. 

Matt Walsh, a conservative blogger and father who is passionate about the transgender indoctrination happening, writes in his article

"Here we have a case study where an entire classroom full of children became gender confused all at once. It’s like a disease they contracted, and their teacher is the mad scientist who gave it to them on purpose. None of them — save the one — were confused on the subject before class that day. But they came home in tears, confused and scared to death that everything they know about themselves may be a lie. The purpose of this 'lesson' wasn’t to inform the kids about transgenderism, but to create transgender kids. And if these children are subjected to many more 'lessons' of this sort, it may eventually have the intended effect for some of them."

It's a valid concern many parents have, especially when this information is being forced upon very young children without their parents' consent. What do you think about the kindergarten doing this and the school's refusal to even comment on what happened? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you! 

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