Kim Jong Un Gets Walloped by the U.S. in Latest Move to Trounce His Regime

September 12, 2017Sep 12, 2017

Following North Korea’s sixth and most powerful nuclear weapons test, the rest of the world answered back—through the actions of the U.N Security Council.

On Tuesday, the Council voted unanimously on a new round of sanctions far more stringent than those imposed on the regime early last month. These sanctions, said U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, are meant to essentially take the gun out of the tyrant’s hand.

“Today, we are attempting to take the future of the North Korean nuclear program out of the hands of its outlaw regime,” she said. Previous measures, she said, have gone only so far. But these new ones are designed to specifically curb the regime’s plans to utilize its nuclear program. “We are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing. We are now acting to stop it from having the ability to do the wrong thing,” Haley said.

The sanctions are more aggressive, according to Western Journalism. They seek to ban a number of textile exports, at the same time imposing a reduction of the nation’s power to import oil. 

Haley wanted to make them tougher, going so far as to force an oil embargo on North Korea, as well as freezing all of Kim Jong Un’s personal assets. But China and Russia threatened to veto the sanctions. The U.S. was forced to water-down the sanctions to appease the two nations whose relationships with the United States already stand on shaky ground.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the U.S. that forcing stringent sanctions on North Korea may not have the lasting effect that is desired.

“We do not need to react emotionally and corner North Korea into a dead end,” Putin said. “I am concerned cutting off the oil supply to North Korea may cause damage to people in hospitals or other ordinary citizens.”

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