Kim Davis Responds: How Long Is She Willing To Sit In Jail?

September 08, 2015Sep 08, 2015

How long is Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk in jail for refusing to marry same-sex couples, willing to sit there?  And why is she doing it?  Her answer may shock you. 


Kim Davis has been in jail now for almost a week for being unwilling to sign or let anyone in her personal office sign marriage certificates for same-sex couples.  She says it goes against her personal beliefs.

Many have criticized her both professionally and personally (claiming she's a hypocrite for being divorced herself).  Some have even intimated this is some sort of publicity stunt.  But Davis says her reasons for staying in jail are totally different.

Davis' attorney, Horatio Mihet, told CNN that Davis was "willing to stay in this jail as long as it takes in order for her to win back her constitutional rights not just for her but for Americans of all faiths."

In fact, Mihet said Davis "was brought to tears when she heard that so many people outside the jail and around the country are praying for her."

It must be scary for Davis to not know when she might be released and if she will have a job to come back to.  Many of us would probably not be willing to pay such a steep price for the religious freedoms that were gifted to all Americans by the founding fathers and guaranteed by the constitution.

Let's say a prayer for Davis and ask God to let religious freedom shine bright in America.  Do you agree?  Post your prayers and comments.  We love to hear from you!