Kim Kardashian Allegedly Bragging About Enjoying Hooking Up With Pete Davidson More Than Kanye West, Anonymous Source Claims

It is Kim KardashianFlaunting her flings Pete Davidson? According to one tabloid Kardashian is mocking her soon to be husband Kanye West. Here’s the latest gossip about Kardashian and West’s divorce.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West In A ‘Kinky’ Competition?

This week, National Enquirer According to reports, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are trying make each other jealous by their new partners. Apparently, Kardashian is bragging about her hookups with Pete Davidson, insisting she’s having way more fun than she ever did with West. “Kim wants Pete morning, noon, and night and keeps count of their romps so she can set a new record the next day, like it’s some type of competition!” an insider dishes.

Things are heating up between West’s new girlfriend, Julia Fox. According to the tabloid, Fox was briefly employed as a dominatrix. She certainly knows her tricks in the bedroom. “Kanye’s telling everyone that sex with Julia is way wilder than it ever was with Kim,” a snitch whispers. “Kanye has been bragging she has no hang-ups in the bedroom. Even the craziest stuff doesn’t shock her. He’s very turned on by her X-rated past and he may even make her the muse for his next album, which will surely bother Kim.”

But despite Kardashian’s competitive streak, she’s really enjoying Davidson’s company. “Pete is so good for her right now, he’s exactly what she needs,” the tipster muses. “Of course, that hasn’t stopped her from obsessing over Kanye and his new relationship. She’s just so competitive!”

Kim Kardashian ‘Obsessing’ Over Kanye West’s New Relationship?

This story is ridiculous. We have no reason to believe Kardashian is dishing any details — especially ones so intimate — to any of this tabloid’s “sources.” The reality TV star has tried to stay pretty private about her and Davidson’s relationship. She hasn’t spoken publicly at all about Davidson or posted any photos of him on Instagram. While it’s obvious from paparazzi snaps that they’re enjoying their time together, she certainly isn’t trying to rub it in anyone’s face.

The other thing is that the Enquire This story has been repeated before. Just last month, the outlet claimed Kardashian called West out for being “bad in bed.” Of course, there was no evidence to back up these claims either. What did follow were accusations that West and Fox’s romance is a publicity stunt, a new song from West with pointed lyrics about Kardashian and Davidson’s relationship, and an inflammatory interview where West criticized Kardashian’s parenting choices. Obviously, West and Kardashian’s split is dramatic enough without false reports like these muddying the waters.

The Tabloid On Kanye West

It’s hard to believe anything the Enquire What Kanye West has to say. Not long ago, the magazine reported West was “freaking out” over rumors that Irina Shayk, his then-girlfriend, was leaving him. The publication then claimed that West threatened to release sensitive videos of Kardashian’s family. In an attempt to win Kardashian’s favor, the tabloid reported that West was gifting Kardashian gifts. Evidently, the Enquire isn’t reliable when it comes to West or Kardashian.

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