Kim Kardashian Accused Of Photoshopping Photos Of Her Kids

Kim KardashianAlthough she has been accused of some bizarre things throughout her career, this latest accusation may be the most outrageous. One TikToker pointed out in a recent Instagram photo that she shared that it appeared as though the social media star photoshopped a picture her daughter. Chicago West with Khloe’s daughter, True ThompsonShe was on an amusement park ride. Did she think so?

Weird Flex but Okay

The TikTokers name is @maiachondrialmembrane, and she noted some unique things about the amusement park shot. As reported by PageSix, she says, “When I first looked at it, I instantly knew something was off,” Maia said in a video with more than 1 million “likes” and 11 million views. She goes on to point out that True just doesn’t look like she was in the original shot due to blurriness and other factors.

It is difficult to disagree with the logic of the shot when you look at it. The overall thought is that Kim superimposed True’s face onto Kylie Jenner’s daughter’s body. The question here is: Why would you do that? What does it do?

Insincerity Breeds Distinction

It is impossible to know for certain if this was done. A quick look at the comments will show you that 99% of people think this is “shopped,” but no one can honestly figure out why Kim Kardashian would do that, ourselves included.