Kim Kardashian: A Fan Tells Reality Star “Kanye’s Way Better” After Being Spotted At Movies With Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian: A Fan Tells Reality Star “Kanye’s Way Better” After Being Spotted At Movies With Pete Davidson

It looks like Kim KardashianHe is still living a single life. Saturday, 12/18/18, the SKIMSMogul was seen on a date with comedian Pete Davidson (28. The pair spent time together in Davidson’s hometown of Staten Island, New York where they were seen at the movies catching Marvel’s latest Spider-Man film, Spider-Man, There’s No Way Home. Kim was quick to respond to a fan as they exited the theater.

“Yo Kim, Kanye’s way better, I’m not even going to hold you.”

Rapper is, as reported previously, Kanye West allegedly isn’t prepared to cut ties with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian, 41. According to a source he’s hopeful that they’ll reconcile in due time. Meanwhile, Kim’s recent reported court filings have shown that she’s serious about ending their marriage, and she’s not likely to look back. This month, Kim allegedly requested to be single by law, asking that the courts don’t allow issues of child custody and property to interfere with her marital status. She has also reportedly inquired about dropping “West” from her name.


Kim KardashianIt seems that everyone is enjoying it. Pete Davidson’sThey have been spotted together numerous times, making them a great company! They were first  romantically linked back in October, when the rumored couple was spotted holding hands on a rollercoaster at Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, California. In November, the pair was seen again at Campania, a restaurant on Staten Island, where Pete Davidson was raised. According to reports Kim Kardashian was picked up from her hotel and the two entered the restaurant together through the back door. 

The rumored couple allegedly began dating shortly after they shared an onscreen kiss for a sketch during Kim Kardashian’s SNL hosting debut on Oct. 9.

SNL with Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Kim may be moving on but it seems like some fans still long for Kanye West’s reconciliation.


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