Reality TV Star from 'Teen Mom' Sentenced Up to 3 Years in Prison for Running a Drug Lab

August 23, 2018Aug 23, 2018

In January of 2018, a reality television star from “Teen Mom” was arrested on multiple drug charges. Kieffer Delp, the 28-year-old former boyfriend of Jenelle Eason (Evans), was initially busted by Pennsylvania police for operating a meth lab.

According to PEOPLE, the lab was discovered in his apartment after local authorities obtained a search warrant. As a result, he faced six drug-related charges including possession of methamphetamine and possession with intent to deliver, reported E! News.

The reality tv personality, who has been in jail since his arrest, was sentenced for his charges on Wednesday, August 23rd. He reportedly accepted a plea deal to serve 18 to 36 months in prison if he pleaded guilty.

Delp will be credited for the amount of time he has already served.

On the MTV series, Delp was often known as a “bad influence” and “delinquent.” He and his ex-girlfriend, the mom of Jace, often got into trouble together involving drugs and other reckless behavior.

Fortunately, Jenelle has moved on since her dark days with Delp. She got married to David Eason in 2017. The couple shares one child together and Janelle has two other children from previous relationships.

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