Kid Rock Leads In Michigan Senate Primary Poll

August 02, 2017Aug 02, 2017

Popular musician Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, has been making headlines by flirting with a Senate run. Ritchie has not yet announced that he is running, but has confirmed that his campaign website created in July is indeed real. Recent polls show him far ahead of all other Republican primary contenders and within the margin of error in the general election.

The Daily Caller reports that Ritchie recently released a statement where he remarked that the Democrats are nervous, and rightly so. The statement then reads that within six weeks there will be a press conference where Ritchie will address the looming question: will he officially launch a senate run? 

The musician is polling at 41.17 percent while Democratic incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow leads with 43.37 percent. The poll was conducted on July 25 and July 27. 1078 were included in the poll and the margin of error is 3.06 percent.

The Hill quotes Pollster Ed Sarpolus, the man who conducted the poll, who believes that poll results are clear evidence that Michigan remains firmly in Trump territory.

“Michigan is still a Trump state,” remarks Sarpolus according to The Hill. “It’s still a close state, but any candidate on the Democratic side is going to have to face the impact of Donald Trump’s people out there. Will they show up and vote Republican?”

Sarpolus warns that despite being a celebrity musician, Senator Stabenow should consider him a serious threat.

“She’ll take him seriously, she’ll raise the money and she’s a fighter,” remarks Sarpolus according to The Hill. “Would I be scared if I was Debbie? Yes, for the fact it means she’s going to have to work harder than expected.”

However, according to the Daily Caller, Senator Stabenow claims that she is not worried about the possibility of Ritchie’s victory. 

“Well, I haven’t seen a legitimate poll that showed him ahead, but what I would say is we’re a long way from the campaign. He’s going to be busy. He’s got concerts and there’s four people so far in the Republican primary, so I think if he gets in, he’s going to be busy,” remarked Senator Debbie Stabenow to the Daily Caller.

It is unclear whether this is all a publicity stunt by Kid Rock, but in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s presidential victory, it remains unclear.  

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