Khloe Kardashian Denies Posting Photoshopped Photo From Paris

It must be shut down. Khloé KardashianFans noticed something strange about a photo she took in Paris.

After a photo of the 38 year-old Kardashians star in a slimming black bodysuit made the rounds on social media, some users began to question the photo’s origin. “No bc someone send me a screenshot of it ACTUALLY on her feed/the actual post bc… i’m confused,” one fan tweeted on Tuesday, October 4.

As speculation grew, the California native chimed back via Twitter, “I never even posted this photo. Maybe my glam did but I didn’t. Also I mean… The bent lines in the back lol please 🤣.”

However, Kardashian’s defense didn’t exactly dispel the drama. She cleared the air again after fans accused her of blaming her team for the Photoshop failure. “Wait not sayin my glam did that either in just saying I didn’t post this photo on my page. Where’s the receipts that I did lol people are so weird,” the Strong Looks Better NakedAuthor wrote on Tuesday.

Kardashian was photographed in a glamorous snap taken during Paris Fashion Week. She was wearing a black Balenciaga dress with one leg propped on top of a chair and her arms draped across the edge of a fireplace. The Good American cofounder’s waist appeared to be disproportionately small, and some fans believed her curves were manipulated.

Kardashian has been sharing updates from France during the fashion extravaganza, despite the fact that the photo in question was deleted. “It’s giving Kris Jenner energy,” she captioned a carousel of Instagram photos as she lounged in a white bathrobe with a glass of champagne in hand.

The Keeping up with the KardashiansThis alum has been outspoken about editing photos online over the years. After a photo of a unflattering bathing suit was removed from the internet, she issued a lengthy statement in April 2021.

“You never quite get used to being judged and pulled apart and told how unattractive one is, but I will say if you hear anything enough then you will start to believe it,” she wrote via Instagram at the time. “This is how I have been conditioned to feel, that I am not beautiful enough just being me. … My body, my image and how I choose to look and what I want to share is my choice. It’s not for anyone to decide or judge what is acceptable anymore.”

After her transformation, it became a topic for conversation. Kim Kardashian brought up concerns about her sister’s weight during an episode of The Kardashians. “You look very skinny. I will say that Kendall and Kylie — not that I’m trying to out them — but they did text me and say that they were a little concerned for you because you’re really skinny,” the 41-year-old told Khloé in the Thursday, September 29, episode. “I said, ‘I think she’s a bit stressed.’”

Khloé appeared to be honored by the comment as Kim continued, “I said, ‘You absolutely have every right to be concerned, but I’m telling you, she’s fine.’”