World Record-Setting Athlete, Father of 3 Suddenly Dies at Only 45 Years Old

December 12, 2017Dec 12, 2017

A tragedy occurred over the weekend after a stroke took the life of a world record-setting athlete and father of three beautiful children. Kevin Robinson, also known as “K-Rob,” passed away on Saturday, December 9th in Rhode Island, where he and his family resided.

His death was completely unexpected, according to family.

Robinson, a retired professional BMX rider who was working as an ESPN analyst before his death, held a world record for the longest power-assisted bicycle backflip, reported the Chicago Tribune. Before retiring from the sport in 2013, Robinson also received several gold medals in the X Games.

Besides his various sports accomplishments, he was also well-known for his contributions to his local communities in Rhode Island, stated ESPN X Games. He created a nonprofit called the “K-Rob Foundation,” which focuses on “transforming the lives of underprivileged children by helping them to get involved and stay involved in athletics.”

The Chicago Tribune also mentioned that he consistently visited schools as a motivational speaker and created a protective clothing line for children.

Many fans and others in the industry took to social media to share their love for Robinson and express their condolences to his family members.

Please keep his friends, family, and loved ones in your prayers. In other recent news, President Trump responded to a Democratic Senator who called for his resignation.

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