Kentucky School District Offended By THIS Christmas Classic, Orders A Religious Purge

December 18, 2015Dec 18, 2015

Just when you think the liberal sensibilities of this country couldn’t be offended any further, another school district cries out in manufactured outrage.  It is almost like the school officials in this country are trying to one up each other on who can come up with the most ridiculous claim and see just how much the American public will tolerate before they say “enough!”


The Johnson County school district in Kentucky has submitted their claim for the most ridiculous outrage.  According to Fox News, the district censored an elementary school’s production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

The district ordered the school to remove the scene where Linus reveals the true meaning of Christmas when he reads from the gospel of Luke.

The censorship didn’t stop there.  The district banned all references to Christianity in the play, including the singing of “Silent Night,” which they replaced with a rap song.

The purging of religion angered a lot of parents.  The Alliance Defending Freedom caught wind of the constitutional violation and wrote a letter on behalf of an angry parent.  They urged the school to reconsider their bigotry.  “There is no violation of the so-called ‘separation of church and state’ by allowing children to learn about theater and the origins of Christmas through participating in a stage version of this beloved program that contains the same religious elements as the television version,” the letter stated.

First of all, ‘separation of church and state’ is a fallacy.  It was meant to keep the government out of church affairs.  It was never meant to purge Christianity from the public eye.  Once people realize that, then they can stand up to these unconstitutional actions and fight for their beliefs.