Kentucky Lt. Gov.: Ken Ham's 'Ark Encounter' Is 'Absolutely Beyond Imagination'

July 06, 2016Jul 06, 2016

As one 410-foot-long Noah's Ark replica built by a Dutch carpenter floats across the Atlantic toward Rio de Janeiro in time for the 2016 Paralympics, a larger, 510-foot replica has just had its ribbon-cutting ceremony in Grant County, Kentucky, drawing a big crowd and exuberant praise.

According to the Christian Post, Answers in Genesis and The Creation Museum president and CEO Ken Ham built the replica as the centerpiece of his Ark Encounter theme park centered around sharing the truth of God's Word.

The life-size structure is not intended to float. Ham constructed it because, "In a world that is becoming increasingly secularized and biased, it's time for Christians to do something of this size and this magnitude."

According to WCPO Cincinnati, the replica is now the largest free-standing timber structure in the world.

While the park doesn't open until tomorrow, 7,000 people were invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday, including Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton, who described the ark display as "absolutely beyond imagination."

"We are so blessed that this great, great attraction was built here in Kentucky, it's just an honor to have this here," Hampton said to the crowd. "We hope to see millions visit Kentucky, to visit the Ark Encounter over the next few years. I can't wait to see the inside."


During the ceremony, Ham prayed, "Lord, this is a reminder for the people of the world, for the coming generations. Let them not forget the wondrous works that you have done. Who you are, and what you've done for each of us."

Ham said even evolution-advocate and debate rival Bill Nye "The Science Guy" has expressed interest in a personal tour of the ark.