Chaos and Confusion at Famous Kentucky Derby After Objections Spark Officials to Review the Race

May 06, 2019May 06, 2019

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most iconic races in the entire world. Each year, prized horses sprint around the track in an effort to be crowned champion. The tradition has gone back many years and is considered the Super Bowl of horse racing.

This year, an incredible finish took place that was unlike anything viewers had ever seen before. A long shot horse was declared the winner after officials took a closer look at the replay of the race.

"Country House came into the 2019 Kentucky Derby as a long shot and did not cross the finish line at Churchill Downs ahead of Maximum Security, who seemingly went wire to wire for a thrilling victory on a muddy track in Louisville. But it was Country House who was declared this year's Kentucky Derby winner after a disqualification not long after the race concluded," reported CBS Sports.

Many fans were stunned by the announcement and were left wondering how exactly the horse that wasn't first ended up being declared the winner.

"As NBC Sports explained during the broadcast, riders are permitted to submit objections following the race if they believe they or other horses have been interfered with on the track. These objections are reviewed by a team of three Kentucky Derby stewards, who are essentially the officials overseeing the race, and if those stewards believe interference did occur and was severe enough, they can justify disqualification of a horse," according to CBS Sports.

The jockey for Country House raised the objection after crossing the finish line. According to him, Maximum Security was all over the track and nearly caused a massive wreck by coming extremely close to "clipping" some of the other horses.

After nearly 20 minutes of reviewing the race footage, officials ruled in favor of Country House. Those who had placed their wagers on him were sure to be excited by the news.

What are your thoughts on the winner of the Kentucky Derby? Let us know your thoughts on this! In other recent news, a well-known Christian author has died at the age of 37.

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