Community in Mourning After a 'Beloved' Young Athlete Suddenly Passed Away

February 25, 2019Feb 25, 2019

Community members in Fort Thomas, Kentucky are heartbroken after a 13-year-old cheerleader died suddenly over the weekend. Lilliana Schalck, an eighth-grader at Highlands Middle School, passed away after becoming ill during a cheerleading completion on Saturday.

According to reports, Lilliana's father took her from the cheer event to a hospital nearby. Once she there, her condition worsened and she then passed away.

"Several vigils in the cheer community as well as within the Fort Thomas School District have been held in her honor, with many athletes donning blue hearts in a show of support. A tweet and Facebook post sent out to parents and students by the school’s superintendent did not reveal what the teen’s cause of death was, but described her as 'beloved by so many,'" according to Fox News.

Karen Cheser from Fort Thomas Independent Schools issued a statement about the sudden passing of Lilliana. Her statement explained how in addition to Sunday night's vigil, there will be school counselors available this week for those students who need to talk with someone.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who are mourning the death of Lilliana. Please join us in keeping her loved ones in our prayers. Please share your prayers in the comments section of our Facebook page.

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