Kelly Ripa Thought She Was Pregnant When She Started Menopause

Big Difference! Kelly Ripa Mistook Menopause for an Unexpected Pregnancy

Kelly Ripa
Jason Mendez/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

A classic mixup? Kelly RipaWas convinced husband Mark Consuelos got her pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic — until he reminded her about menopause.

The Live with Kelly & Ryan51-year-old host teased some of the more NSFW stories in her upcoming book. Live Wire: Long-Winded Short StoriesDuring a recent interview, Haute Living. “I will definitely include that time during the pandemic that I thought my husband got me pregnant,” she joked.

Ripa has two sons, Joaquin, 19 and Michael, 25; and a daughter, Lola, 21 with Consuelos (51). They had no plans to have another child when the pandemic began in 2020. “I started taking pregnancy tests daily, but then Mark sort of gingerly said, ‘Could there be another reason why you’re not getting your period?’” the former soap opera actress recalled. “And [I said], ‘What other reason could there possibly be?’ He really had to walk on eggshells here.”

Consuelos exclaimed that she was likely going through the menopause and let out a relief sigh. “I was really grateful that I was not going to have to explain to my kids that they were about to meet their new sibling,” she said.

Ripa’s memoir will be filled with juicy personal details — including the time she was sent to the ER after passing out during sex with Consuelos — and her kids aren’t so thrilled about the intimate secrets being revealed. “That’s why in that one chapter, I was like, ‘If you are related to us in any way, I urge you to skip over this,’” the Hope & FaithAn alum spoke out to the outlet. “If for some reason my kids feel the need to read the entire book — which, don’t get me wrong, I don’t suspect that they will — but if they did, I don’t want them to read that chapter because it would sicken them. No one wants to think of their parents being intimate.”

Ripa’s experiences as a mom also take center stage in the book. “My daughter was like, ‘You can’t write any of that,’” the talk show host recalled of one chapter describing her newly empty nest. “I said, ‘Too late, it’s in the book.’ Conversely, my oldest son was very moved by it, and because he’s older, I think he really got it. My youngest son I don’t believe read it, but he told me he did.”

Although her children may be embarrassed by her honesty, the New Jersey native never hesitated to share her life with others. She and the Riverdale actor frequently turn heads with their flirty social media banter — which Lola doesn’t always love. “Is the caption necessary?” she commented on one of her mom’s throwback photos in 2019 after Ripa praised her husband’s strong hands. At the time, Ripa teased that her daughter was “grossed out.”

They got married in 1996, and they’re still going strong. “Kelly and Mark have this infectious energy when they’re together that’s just so upbeat and refreshing,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly in October 2020, adding that the twosome “love to entertain friends” and have “cozy dates.”