Kelly Clarkson Allegedly Furious After Losing $10.4 Million Ranch To Ex-Husband Under One Condition, Latest Divorce Gossip Says

It is Kelly ClarksonAre you still trying to reconcile with the latest development in your divorce battle? Clarkson is being referred to by a tabloid. Brandon Blackstock‘s tug-of-war over their Montana ranch is getting ugly. Here’s the latest gossip about Clarkson and Blackstock’s battle for the property.

Kelly Clarkson ‘Stuck With Brandon’?

This week Star reports Kelly Clarkson may own the Montana ranch she and Brandon Blackstock once shared, but she’s struggling to convince him to leave the property. Clarkson reportedly tried to get Blackstock expelled from the ranch by petitioning a judge, but she lost the bid. Clarkson is now reeling from the setbacks in their divorce proceedings. “She can’t believe the judge would do this after she was officially awarded the property in a previous court decision,” an inside source spills to the tabloid. “She’s angry.”

The magazine notes that a judge previously denied Clarkson’s request to sell the property since the $81,000 it cost to maintain it every month was a “financial burden.” Instead, the judge ordered Blackstock — who already receives $200,000 every month in spousal support — to pay the monthly expenses. “Now he won’t leave the ranch,” the tipster reveals. “She feels like it’s retaliation. Kelly just wants some peace in her life.”

‘Unwelcome Guest’ In Clarkson’s Montana Ranch?

This report is a bit confusing, so let’s break it down. First, let’s talk about the eviction rumor. originated from an Us Weekly report. It’s unclear if there’s any truth to it since the tabloid cited unnamed sources, and Us Weekly’Stories are often a bit hazy when it comes down to the facts. It’s possible that it’s true, but we just have no way of knowing for sure.

But we’re still a bit skeptical because a judge already denied Clarkson’s petition to sell the ranch back in October. Since the judge refused the request on grounds that she couldn’t force Blackstock to leave the property, Clarkson was, in essence, already denied an eviction bid. So, it’s possible that this original report was actually citing the October ruling but instead focused on the eviction aspect, leaving out Clarkson’s intention to sell it.

Despite all the murkiness surrounding the story, it might still be true. What we do know is that Star Clarkson has been wrong before. Back in 2020, the outlet claimed Blackstock requested full custody of his and Clarkson’s children, along with an extra $20 million of her fortune. The outlet then claimed Clarkson was secretly in a relationship with another man. Clarkson was also alleged to have been crushing on Craig Robinson, according to the outlet. Readers are advised to take Star‘s stories about Clarkson with a grain of salt.

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