Kayla Cardona on Alex Hall’s Friendship With Brittany Snow’s Husband

While Kayla CardonaAttempted to kiss Selling the OC Costar Tyler StanalandShe doesn’t think she is a threat for his marriage to actress Brittany Snow.

“Me and Tyler squashed it so long ago and I’m not the one that [Brittany] should be worrying about,” Kayla, 33, exclusively told Us Weekly Wednesday, August 31, 2007. “I think it’s clear on who she should be worried about.”

During Selling the OC season 1 — which dropped on the streaming platform last month — Kayla had attempted to kiss Tyler, 33, after a cast night out. The Oppenheim Group coworkers tried to forget the past, but it quickly became a workplace issue when many of their colleagues voiced their opinions.

Selling the OC’s Kayla Cardona Says Brittany Snow Should Be ‘Worried’ About Alex Hall Flirting With Tyler Stanaland

Brittany Snow and Kayla Cardona
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Kayla maintained that she doesn’t have feelings for the former surfer but claimed that the Almost Family Alum 36 should be concerned about another Oppenheim employee Alex Hall.

“[It’s]It is very inappropriate. I mean, very hypocritical …. [because] I think it’s pretty obvious I never even touched the guy,” Kayla claimed to Use, referring to Alex’s friendship with Tyler. “You know what I mean? You don’t even have to sit on his lap, nuzzle his nose, or get naked. [like Polly Brindle’s skinny-dipping dare]. I have never been naked. I’m sure you will see me in a direct deposit to get this. … They’re giving that out like free candy. You’re right, no, thank you. Sorry.”

The 33-year-old mother of two and Kayla got into an argument on the show after the Orange County, California, native noticed that Alex frequently cuddles up to Tyler or has given him a “nosey” during team outings. Kayla thought that their relationship was inappropriate, even though Alex and Tyler claimed it was platonic.

Selling the OC’s Kayla Cardona Says Brittany Snow Should Be ‘Worried’ About Alex Hall Flirting With Tyler Stanaland 2

Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland
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“She has every right to feel the way she feels,” Kayla told Use of Brittany, noting she would “100 percent” be concerned if she was in her position. “If she’s upset, [which] I’m assuming she is, but I don’t want to speak on her behalf.”

The single mom has since “briefly” met the Pitch Perfect actress following the almost-kiss drama, and had nothing but positive things to say about her coworker’s spouse.

“I did see her or said hi [at an event in Los Angeles], she’s so sweet,” Kayla recalled to Us on Wednesday. “What I would say to her [now], honestly, there’s nothing really much to talk about. I mean, it’s not my place.”

Selling the OC’s Kayla Cardona Says Brittany Snow Should Be ‘Worried’ About Alex Hall Flirting With Tyler Stanaland 3

Tyler Stanaland
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While both Kayla and Tyler have “squashed” their feud, she believes that her coworker was flirting with her which is why she ended up making a move. Tyler disagrees with her version.

“It really felt like brother, sister vibes in most of our opinions. It never felt that way, but I can’t speak for her,” the Laguna Beach, California, native — who wed Brittany in March 2020 — exclusively told Us on Wednesday. “It wasn’t one specific incident. It was a series of events. … We would go out as a cast and sometimes certain things would happen that weren’t specifically just toward me, but because I was married, was something that should have been addressed earlier.”

Selling the OC’s Kayla Cardona Says Brittany Snow Should Be ‘Worried’ About Alex Hall Flirting With Tyler Stanaland 4

Alex Hall
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Tyler also noted that his wife has watched the reality TV drama and thought it was an “entertaining” program. The Florida native was astonished by the show’s success. Selling the OC While it is fun to watch, the married couple prefers to keep their romance private. “That was kind of a decision that we made long ago, and this was something that I did for myself and I kind of just wanted to keep it that way,” Tyler told Us.

After all the drama, Selling the OC, Kayla gave Us Here is a summary of where she stands now with her co-stars.

“Well obviously me Alex, [Alexandra] Jarvis and [Alexandra] Rose because of everything that went down, I would say that I would definitely were on very, very good terms,” she said on Wednesday. “They were very forgiving and that says a lot about them. I still in a way am keeping my guard up because at the end of the day, this is a show and everyone is in it for themselves.”

Kayla added: “I feel, like, in a way I was almost too open and receiving [of]Which people to trust and which not. With everything that has happened, I feel like everyone else is in it for their own ends and I just need to keep my back straight. … The only person I trust right now is myself.”

Selling the OC Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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