IRONY: Lawyer Who Condemned Kavanaugh Gets Arrested, Suddenly Favors Due Process and Presumption of Innocence

November 15, 2018Nov 15, 2018

The nomination process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh made headlines recently. With his nomination all but sealed, numerous stories came forward concerning Brett's conduct from years ago when he was in high school.

Attorney Michael Avenatti, the same lawyer who is representing Stormy Daniels in her case against President Trump, condemned Brett Kavanaugh. He was outspoken against the SCOTUS nominee despite any credible evidence to support the claims. However, it appears the tables have turned for Avenatti.

He has just found himself on the opposite side of the table after he was arrested for suspicion of domestic assault. Now, conservatives are pointing out the fact that he is suddenly claiming he needs to be presumed innocent and is advocating for due process.

Hannity spoke about the irony on his latest segment. He held nothing back.

Hannity said, “I will be consistent on the issues of due process and the presumption of innocence. But one can only wonder if now maybe Michael Avenatti would apply the same standard to himself that he applied to Justice Kavanaugh, or maybe tonight he would prefer that the country give him due process and the presumption of innocence. Or will you lock yourself up and just throw away the key? I believe he deserves presumption of innocence, due process. Let the legal system do their job, and hope and pray that the right justice and answer comes through.”

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