Sources: Katy Perry in Lawsuit that Has Left 80-Year-Old Nun Broke

March 18, 2018Mar 18, 2018

Katy Perry is immersed in a legal battle with an 80-year-old nun over a convent in the Los Angeles area. The famous singer bought the property for $14.5 million with plans to turn it into a private residence. But although several of the nuns were interested in selling, two of them expressed reservations.

Sister Rita Callanan, an 80-year-old cancer-stricken Los Angeles nun, along with another, have been fighting the sale alone. Her fellow nun, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, collapsed and died last Friday in the courtroom where the case was being heard, according to Page Six

Fox News reported that Callanan is so broke over the lawsuit that she doesn’t know where her next meal will come from.

The property is impressively large. Stretched out over eight acres, the 22,0000-square-foot Spanish villa-style estate captured Perry’s interest.

The Los Feliz, California convent has been vacant since 2011 and has bee described by a Los Angeles Archdiocese spokesperson as “deteriorating.” Five of the surviving nuns agreed to sell the property but Callanan and the former Holzman alone possessed the rights to sell it. They were not won over by Perry.

Nonetheless, Perry bought the property from Archbishop Jose Gomez, paying $10 million in cash, as well as funding plans for a new site for the House of Prayer that was to be owned by the sisters, according to Page Six

Perry made a special trip to the convent to see if the nuns were interested in selling. Her persona won most of them over.

“The sisters met with [Perry] before they accepted her proposal,” said a spokesman for the archdiocese. “They were impressed by her and her plan to use the property to care for her mother and grandmother.”

But Callanan was not won over. She, along with Holzman, felt Perry’s reputation would not mesh well with a house of worship. They expressed that they alone held the rights to sell the property, which they did – to a restaurateur in the Los Angeles area, according to the Los Angeles Times

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