Katie Couric Opens up About Matt Lauer Scandal, Reveals New Details

March 12, 2018Mar 12, 2018

Katie Couric has spoken out about the behavior of her former co-host Matt Lauer. The two co-hosted the "Today" show together for 15 years.

Lauer recently made headlines after he was fired from NBC after news of his alleged sexual misconduct was released. He was accused by multiple women at the network.

Over the weekend, Couric said that she was "unaware" of any inappropriate conduct by Lauer during that time frame. Couric went on to say that she was shocked when news of the allegations was released and that the two of them had a "wonderful working relationship."

Couric went into more detail while she was speaking at The Wrap's Power Women Breakfast event this past Saturday. "It's shocking, honestly, and disturbing, disorienting, disheartening — all of those d-words, but I think, he’s not the only one who behaves in this way. People all over the place … have participated in this kind of behavior, that have used their power in an exploitative and unacceptable way," she said of Lauer's accusations.

Many have wondered how she could go so long without knowing. Former "Today" co-host Ann Curry has been reported to even saying she was surprised at if anyone at NBC didn't know about his behavior. Couric also shared that this type of harassment is a huge problem within the culture and that she was fortunate enough to have not been treated that way.

"It's hit very close to home with Matt Lauer and what happened there," Couric said. "It's been an important experience for me because I never faced this kind of treatment. I was one of the lucky ones — I think I am harassable and I’m not harassable in that sense, and I think it is because I was in a position of power early in my career."

What do you think about this? Let us know! In other recent news, an iconic retail store is preparing to close all American locations.

Watch Matt Lauer's uncanny interview before his firing where he's raking former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly over his firing amid sexual harassment claims:


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