Dems & GOP Put Politics Aside, Support Kathy Griffin After Family’s Heartbreaking News

January 07, 2019Jan 07, 2019

The family of comedian Kathy Griffin is currently dealing with very difficult news. Griffin’s 98-year-old mother, Maggie, is suffering from a severe case of dementia.

On January 3rd, Griffin shared emotional details about her mother with her social media fan base. She recalled the entire situation as “heartbreaking” and “really hard” to discuss.

“The pic below, taken in September, was the last time I was able to have a proper/coherent conversation with her. Since that photo was taken, she has rapidly fallen into the throes of dementia,” Griffin told her fans.

“This is never easy for any child, I know this is a reality that millions of people deal with every year,” she continued. “But when it comes to my mom this is particularly hard because her sharp mind was everything...Her mind was so naturally quick, funny, and smart. No one could get anything past her.”

“Watching that slip away so fast has been devastating...In terms of how she is now, at this point she only knows my name and I love you. I know many of you know what that reality is like...I'm still grappling with it,” the comedian added.

Griffin ended her emotional post on a positive note: “If you ever met my mom and asked for a photo, you should know it was a pleasure as much for her as it was for you. She loved making people happy and making people laugh. And trust me, I know she was the bigger star...thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us a lifetime of memories.”

After the news about Griffin’s mother went public, Democrats and Republicans alike put their differences aside to support Griffin. Conservative star Tomi Lahren, best known for her Fox News segment “Final Thoughts,” was one of many conservative names who sent well wishes to Griffin.

“I know we have our differences but the story about your mom touched me. I dedicated my First Thoughts on Fox to you Kathy Griffin,” Lahren tweeted.

“Thanks Tomi, as you know Maggie is a big fox fan!” Griffin responded.

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe and actor James Woods were among other Republican names who sent their warm thoughts to Griffin.

Faith Family America joins others in praying for Griffin’s family during this time of despair. In breaking news, Donny Osmond was recently hospitalized for surgery. Please keep him in your prayers, as well.

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