Kathy Griffin Outburst: Blasts Trump, TMZ, and Andy Cohen

October 29, 2017Oct 29, 2017

Kathy Griffin made nationwide headlines earlier this year after posting a controversial photo of her holding President Donald Trump’s decapitated head. Her hope was to make a strong political statement, but many audiences, including those with similar political beliefs, thought her photo stunt was way out of line.

After the backlash, Griffin was fired from multiple jobs and was put under federal investigation by the Secret Service. Despite her apology regarding the Trump photo, she has bashed the president and his politics several times. Back in June, she called him a “bully” and said she “doesn’t care anymore.”

Over the weekend, Griffin took another shot at Trump, while also blasting Harvey Levin of TMZ and her former boss Andy Cohen. She posted a 17-minute video on her YouTube channel, having what many sources referred to as a “meltdown.”

Griffin started with sharing a voicemail that Levin left her, which contained his personal cell phone number. Apparently, Griffin was trying to get back at Levin since her number and address was released following the fallout from the Trump photo, and dealt with “Trumpers” coming after her.

She also targeted his news site, TMZ, referring to it as a “guilty pleasure” and a “misogynistic website.” In her eyes, Levin only lives to “take women down.” In the midst of bashing Levin, she paused to mention Trump’s name again.

She said, “Tyler Shields, who took the infamous photo of me holding the [Trump] mask, he’s the one who told me that two people at TMZ told him that Harvey Levin speaks to Donald J. Trump multiple times a week. Is that okay with you guys? The president is talking to a gossip blogger!”

Later in the video, she insinuated that she was confused why Levin was a Trump fan because he’s gay. She reportedly told him one day when he tried to “brainwash” her into supporting Trump, “Harvey! You’re a gay guy! You think Trump gives a [crap] about you? You think the Republican party has a lot to offer gay men? How is that going? I just want everyone to know that TMZ is very much in bed with this administration.”

Additionally, she touched on how Cohen treated her so “poorly.” She also stated that he offered her cocaine more than once. PEOPLE reported that Cohen denied Griffin's accusations.

She ended, "The reason I'm doing this tape is because of the Trump photo, because of the full outrage that was pushed by Anderson's tweet and TMZ and obviously, literally the federal government...the reason I'm making this tape is everybody has scared the hell out of me that I'm going to be detained because I'm on the Interpol list [a wanted person's list]...I was on the no-fly list for two months. I've been detained alone at every single airport I've gone to."

She continued, "So when I go to Singapore, if I just don't return, I just want you guys to know, that's why—because I took a picture of a mask with ketchup on it. It was not illegal, you may have hated it, but if anyone of your kids ever took that picture and put it on Twitter, they shouldn't have to be on the Interpol list, or be detained, or be under a federal investigation."

The video will not be posted on Faith Family America due to the large amount of foul language. Thank you for your understanding.

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