Kathy Griffin Throws Low Blow at VP Mike Pence, Targets His Christian Faith

June 18, 2018Jun 18, 2018

Over the weekend and trickling through Monday, controversial comedian Kathy Griffin unleashed a series of attacks against the Trump administration and President Trump’s family. The attacks started with a profane comment against First Lady Melania — Griffin cursed out Melania for her statement concerning immigrant children being separated from their families at the border.

The comedian sparked a massive amount of public outrage with her vulgar remark. Refusing to apologize even after the backlash, Griffin continued to slam the First Lady, President Trump, and others close to them.

Amidst the controversy, Griffin also fired at Vice President Mike Pence with a low blow targeting his Christian faith. Pence, like Trump and several other members of today’s administration, are very outspoken about their faith in God — often getting criticized for their beliefs.

Griffin subtly accused Pence of not being a true man of God because of the incidents taking place on the border. In addition, Griffin insisted Pence was “quiet” and “staying off camera.”

“Hey Vice President - you say you're a man of god...what does god say about what's happening right now on the border?” Griffin stated. “Don't think we don't notice you just because you're quiet and stay off camera...you're complicit.”

However, contrary to what Griffin suggested, Pence has continuously expressed his support for Trump’s stance on immigration reform and border security. In recent days, Pence shared a video message that shows Trump promoting safety and peace with higher border security.

As of Monday afternoon, Pence has not responded to Griffin’s comment.

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