Kathy Griffin: ‘I’m Not Afraid of Donald Trump; He’s a Bully’

June 02, 2017Jun 02, 2017

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently grabbed the attention of the entire nation after posting a controversial photo of her holding President Donald Trump’s decapitated head. Griffin announced she wanted to make a political statement, but many were horrified and offended.

Griffin later released an apology video and requested the photo be taken down, but that was not enough. Following the outrage, Griffin was fired from CNN for her annual co hosting position on the New Year’s Eve special and the Secret Service opened an investigation on the incident.

Griffin and her lawyer Lisa Bloom, who has represented many other celebrities, held a press conference Friday morning, revealing the reasoning for the inappropriate Donald Trump photo. In the past, Trump reportedly made a comment to a female reporter during the presidential campaign saying ‘she had blood coming out of her eyes; she had blood coming out of her wherever'. In response, Griffin participated in the photo to mock his previous comment.

Bloom stated, “It is Trump who should apologize, for his 'blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever' disgusting comment, which he has never done, and for being the most woman-hating and tyrannical president in U.S. history.” Griffin later followed up with, “I’m not afraid of Donald Trump; he’s a bully.”

Griffin stated that her apology still stands and she feels ‘horrible’, but she will continue to speak up for herself and others. She is also convinced that the entire Trump family is trying to ruin her life. Ironically, the comedian still continued to make jokes about the president and his family members during the conference, calling them and people in the Trump administration ‘nut jobs’. She even said, “Now, I’m going to make fun of [the president] more.” However, she mentioned she will not threaten him.

One reporter surprised Griffin’s lawyer during questioning when he asked about her directly going after Barron Trump. Lisa Bloom was not aware of Griffin ever saying this, but Griffin did admit to targeting the 11-year-old boy in one of her previous, live shows.

If you missed the press conference, watch it below:

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