After Bashing Melania, Kathy Griffin Sparks More Public Outrage with Profane Remarks Against Trump Family

June 18, 2018Jun 18, 2018

Over the weekend, controversial comedian Kathy Griffin sparked public outrage when she profanely attacked First Lady Melania Trump. Her remarks came in response to Melania’s statement regarding immigrant children being separated from families — where our First Lady encouraged Democrats and Republicans to come together on immigration reform.

“F--- you, Melanie,” Griffin fired. “You know damn well your husband can end this feckless complicit piece of sh--.”

Griffin faced major heat from top conservative names — including Franklin Graham, several mainstream media outlets, and Trump supporters. Despite the backlash, Griffin doubled down on her vulgar remarks against Melania and threw more attacks at the Trump family — refusing to apologize for her comments.

“This President, his family (except for Tiffany and Barron) and his administration, do not deserve an ounce of grace, decorum, respect, or kindness,” the comedian said. “They are horrible people who are operating a criminal enterprise. So stop with the lectures about ‘unhelpful language’ - F--- TRUMP.”

“Melanie made a statement about what's happening with children/families and said the solution was bipartisan leg (as if her husband cares about that),” Griffin continued. “Her husband can stop the separation now. She waded into this, she's gonna get criticized. Go f--- yourself and f--- Trump.”

Additionally, she shared an article that stated, “Kathy Griffin isn’t sorry for brutally slamming Melania Trump’s ‘both sides’ assertion about family separation.”

This isn’t the first time Griffin has targeted President Trump and his family. Last year, she was under major fire for several reasons including the controversial photo of her holding Trump’s decapitated head and making “jokes” about Trump’s youngest son Barron.

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