All Tears at the Today Show, Kathie Lee Gifford Getting Ready to Leave For Good

April 04, 2019Apr 04, 2019

Thursday, April 4 was an emotional day for everyone at the “Today” show. Ever since the announcement was made in December, fans have been dreading the time when Kathie Lee Gifford would conclude her time on the show.

All week, the fourth hour of “Today” has been dedicated to Kathie Lee. Several celebrities and fans have poured in tributes in honor of Gifford’s final day on the show, April 5.

On Thursday, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb had an emotional time. After 11 years of hosting with each other, the pair talked about their history together.

Kathie Lee reportedly said, “God brought Hoda into my life for all kinds of different reasons. I was supposed to learn from her. She was supposed to learn from me. We were supposed to share life together.”

Hoda said, “[Kathie Lee] totally jumped into my life in a way that I had never experienced before. She stepped into it, and I was transfixed by her when we met. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that chemistry where you connect with someone like that. I had it, and it was a feeling I’d never had before- that kind of intensity.”

Kathie Lee added, “I never dreamed that I could get another best type of friend at my age- with already so many people taking up the pie. And I realized that the heart is not a pie that can be divvied up into just so many slices. The heart expands. It just gets bigger and makes more room for people in it. She just fills such a huge part of my heart now. And always will.”

Hoda agreed, talking about how KLG has been with her through significant periods in her life.

She said, “This has been the most significant period in my life, I think. I had to wait till my late 40s and 50s to live the best part of my life, and she’s a huge reason that everything started going right…I feel like good things kept happening. I don’t know if it’s her or the karma or being around it. I don’t know what it is.”

Hoda continued, “I got to do something that only a couple of people on earth get to do. I got to sit next to Kathie Lee Gifford. I hope she knows how much she mattered to me, just how much she mattered. That so many things in my life changed because of her presence. I mean, look, I do know God put her in my life at the right time. He really did.”

There were no dry eyes in the room!

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