Kathie Lee's Bold Challenge To Her Atheist Friend

April 14, 2016Apr 14, 2016

There are so many reasons to love Kathie Lee Gifford, and her bold faith is definitely one of them. At a Q&A taping for the upcoming film, "I Hope You Dance," Gifford shared about a recent trip she took to the Holy Land. 


"I took a very eclectic group," Gifford said in the Christian Post. "Some people were Sikhs, some people were seekers. I took some Hindus, some Scientologists. I took atheists, some angry Catholics, some very screwed up Baptists, and my children, my granddaughter and my husband's daughter. A very eclectic group."

One particular friend that went on the trip, a Paris-born TV host, said she couldn't believe because she was "so well-educated." Gifford responded, "'So well educated? You've had a better education than C.S. Lewis? A better education than Francis Collins who invented the genome, one of the greatest nuclear physicists? You have a better education than he does? I'd like to suggest that maybe you had a bad education, that you went to a school that untaught you everything that you really need in life."

Wow, bold words! But they paid off. Gifford shared that her unbelieving friend ended up immersing herself in the Jordan River as an act of faith. "We thought we were all done and then in the next 5 minutes, she was in," Gifford said. "People take their own time and we got to let them."

Her advice to those with unbelieving loved ones? "First of all, we're just here to plant the seed and let the Holy Spirit do the work. Don't give up on your loved ones and your friends that have never thought that faith was for them."

We love her wise words! Do they encourage you to keep believing for your friends and family?