Kathie Lee Gifford Discusses Billy Graham and Unloads the Gospel on a Stunned Megyn Kelly

February 23, 2018Feb 23, 2018

The world has recently learned about the passing of one of the most iconic Gospel preachers of all time. Billy Graham, the famous evangelist, passed away peacefully at his home this past Wednesday. In the days since his death, his life has been remembered and celebrated. Christians have rejoiced knowing Billy is in the presence of the Lord and in his final home. It is what he spent his entire life working towards.

One of his biggest supporters, and close personal friend, is Kathy Lee Gifford. She mentioned that she, and her late husband, visited the Graham family for Billy's 95th birthday and that she knew it would probably be the last time she would ever see him.

Recently, Kathy Lee went on Megyn Kelly's television show and did something remarkable. When asked about Billy, Kathie Lee held nothing back. She began to preach the Gospel on live television and share the message of Jesus with Megyn and the viewers at home.

"What just happened for Billy, happened for my husband, happened for my mother, for my father. Everybody that dies in Christ...goes immediately into the arms of Christ for eternity. That is the hope of the Christian faith," Gifford told Kelly.

"Yes, it gives us the tools we need to live in the world today while we are alive," Gifford explained. "But that's why I could hold my dead husband in my arms and rejoice, because I knew where he was."

Watch the entire clip of the show in the video below:

Fans and viewers were quick to take to social media and praise Kathie Lee for holding nothing back and sharing God's message on national television. It was truly a remarkable moment.

"People have their own opinions about Kathie Lee Gifford. But she just 'brought it' on the (Megyn) Kelly show!" Ginger Smith of Cleveland, Tennessee wrote. "Bet they weren't expecting her to preach the gospel and give an invitation to accept Jesus! This is definitely the best segment they've had on her show since it began!"




What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts! Be sure to read the final social media post Billy Graham ever wrote. It was published just hours before his death and some are wondering if he knew the end was near.

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