Kathie Lee Gifford Shares Powerful Testimony, God's Direction Over 30-Year-Feud

May 11, 2018May 11, 2018

Kathie Lee Gifford has been extremely outspoken about her faith in God and her unwavering convictions. The “Today” show hostess has been an example to many, especially in the area of forgiveness.

Back in November, Gifford blew fans away when she gave a powerful message about forgiveness over the Matt Lauer scandal. She talked about the fact that no one is perfect and that everyone falls short of the glory of God.

However, she noted that the world doesn’t need more judges, but rather people who are loving and full of forgiveness.

She said, “And what we need now is forgiveness, and we need mercy for one another. We don’t need taunts and we don’t need ugliness. We have enough of that in the world.”

Now, the “Today” show host has revealed a tangible example of when she portrayed forgiveness in her life. She opened up on her show about a three-decade, one-sided feud that she had going with Howard Stern.

According to Gifford, it was kindness that eventually broke down the barriers between the two of them.

Gifford said, “Howard Stern had a feud with me going on 30 years. I never met him. I never listened to his show. He hated my guts for 30 years. Hated my husband, hated my children, hated everything I stood for.”

She continued, “And one day, right here, I was up in the makeup room, and all of a sudden he’s here to announce ‘America’s Got Talent.’ I just feel the Lord saying very clearly to me, ‘Go down and say hello to Howard.’ I’m standing right here…and I go, ‘Howard, Howard, I’m Kathie Lee. I thought it was time to say hello. I want to wish you the very best with your show.’ And I left. He was really flabbergasted.”

She then revealed that 64-year-old Howard called her later on and left a voicemail.

Gifford said, “There’s a message from him, a voicemail. ‘I was blown away and can you call me?’ He calls me again during dinner, we had a half-hour conversation. ‘Will you forgive me, Kathie, please? I’m doing some hard work on my life. I know I hurt you. I’m so sorry and I need to ask you to forgive me.’”

Gifford noted that while she didn’t dismiss the fact that Stern had made hateful comments toward her for the past 30 years, she did reveal that she had forgiven him 30 years ago. She said that she congratulated him on working on himself and that she prays for him “every single day.”

What do you think about this powerful testimony? Rather than fighting back, Gifford “turned the other cheek” and met the hatred with kindness. Let us know your thoughts! In other recent news, a famous "Duck Dynasty" member is asking for prayers after a less-than-ideal doctor's appointment. 

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