Kathie Lee Gifford Just Calls Out the Real War on Women

January 19, 2016Jan 19, 2016

Kathie Lee Gifford is a well known star, and was married for many years to Frank Gifford who passed away this last year.  She is a committed Christian and has taken a public stand for her faith.

On Wednesday's Today Show on NBC, as reported by Newsbusters.org, Kathie Lee Gifford was interviewing actor Dean Cain about his role in the upcoming movie Gosnell. Dean Cain plays the part of the detective who investigated Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist convicted of murder in connection with late term abortions.

When Dean Cain talked about the thousands of late term abortions Gosnell performed, Kathie Lee Gifford said "Talk about a war on women."

For someone in the mainstream media to acknowledge this is a major advance. For the most part, the narrative in the mainstream media is the "war on women" is Republicans wanting to save babies. No one talks about the fact that babies in the womb -- half of whom are female! -- are not given any choice at all when being aborted.

Good for Kathie Lee Gifford for speaking out!