Kathie Lee Gifford Facing Major Backlash After Comments About Matt Lauer

December 01, 2017Dec 01, 2017

On Wednesday, NBC announced that they had fired Matt Lauer from their network. The highest-paid news anchor was let go when allegations came forward from a coworker about sexual harassment. 

The network said that while it was the only complaint that they had received, they still had reason to believe that it had not been an isolated incident. Since the news came out, several other women have revealed their own troubling moments with Lauer. 

Since it seemed like a sudden event, many of Lauer's coworkers and longtime friends were shocked by the situation. At the end of the "Today" show on Wednesday, Kathie Lee Gifford spoke up about the morning's events. She focused on the fact that forgiveness is the ultimate key. 

She compared the situation to when she found out that her husband had cheated on her in 1997. She said that when someone does something contrary to what you thought their character was, you begin to question yourself. 

She said that we all need to fight against the feeling of wanting to question your own judgment or question that person's character. She said she wanted to believe that the "man we know and adored was the man we loved and adored and continue to."

Gifford then said that she had text Lauer that very morning to tell him that she still adores him. She then talked about the love and forgiveness of God and how we all need the spirit of forgiveness for one another. 

She said, "We don't need taunts and we don't need ugliness. We have enough of that in the world."

Gifford sent out her love to the person who came forward with her story, but she also sent her love out to Matt Lauer. She said that she wishes for healing for both parties. The host also talked about how forgiveness and love is only truly possible through God.

While many people rallied behind Gifford's message of love and forgiveness, she has been under fire for her comments as well. Many people have taken to social media to bash the host for bringing up forgiveness so closely after the incident. Below are a few of the posts. 




Others have been sticking up for Gifford, saying that forgiveness is exactly what should be talked about. 



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