Kathie Lee Gifford Honors God in the Most Special Way During Her Emmy Acceptance Speech

May 07, 2019May 07, 2019

Congratulations are in order for former TODAY co-host Kathie Lee Gifford! She and ex co-host Hoda Kotb received a Daytime Emmy Award for “outstanding informative talk show host.”

“Humbled and grateful,” Gifford said in a Twitter post. The Tweet also had a photo of her wearing a floral cream dress as she tightly grasped onto her golden Emmy.

Although the win itself was exciting, Gifford also received a lot of buzz over her emotional acceptance speech. In her speech, the outspoken Christian honored God in the most special way. Ultimately, she gave Him all of the credit for her success and achievements.

"I've never done anything in my life to get an award for it. Just doing it well is what I was taught. 'Do it the best you can, honey,' my mom and dad said, 'and leave the rest to God,'" she rejoiced. "Well, God's doing a really, really good job tonight."

Kotb was not present at the awards ceremony because she was home with her two girls — one of which is a newborn baby she just adopted weeks ago. However, Kotb did send in her “congratulations” and “thank yous” via social media.

“Congrats Kath!!!! You were great last night,” Kotb wrote. “And our amazing producers... wow.. this belongs to you....Hope and Haley ‘happen’ to be up and ‘cheering’ you all on.”

Congratulations to the pair on their Emmy win! In other news, a prominent faith figure passed away recently.

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