Kathie Lee Allegedly Fighting With Her Boyfriend Over Her Flirting With Her Co-Star

Are you Kathie Lee GiffordAnd Randy Cronk fighting over TV’s Craig Ferguson? According to one report, a fun outing with the former is possible Late Late Show host has driven Gifford’s boyfriend into a jealous rage. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Kathie Lee Gets Flirty With Married Craig!’

According to the Globe, Gifford’s been flirting up a storm with Ferguson because her relationship with Cronk is on the fritz. The former Today star’s romance has cooled off. “She’s spooked Randy by demanding a wedding ring so soon, and blabbing about him on TV didn’t help,” an insider says.

Cronk is Gifford’s first partner since NFL legend Frank Gifford passed away in 2015. Kathie Lee believed Cronk was serious about marrying, but he was only playing. “She’s not seeing Randy so much anymore, and although it’s not over, it’s not good either,” a source says. Gifford began flirting with Ferguson, his former co-star, in full view of the cameras to get back at him. 

Gifford doesn’t care that Ferguson’s been married for 13 years. “She’s laying it on thick with Craig,” a source says. “People think she’s just masking her disappointment over Randy by abetting her eyelashes at Craig — but the thing is, he’s happily married and his wife can’t like this.”

What’s Going On With Kathie Lee Gifford?

Ferguson and Gifford haven’t been spotted together since their film Then, you came.It was released last year. This story uses a photo from the trailer in this story to make it look like they’re hanging out. This is deliberately misleading. Gifford’s been too busy celebrating her daughter’s weddingYou can do so much of everything else.

A story taken from her memoir It’s Never Too Late, described Gifford having fun with a mystery manCronk, at least, but eventually he backed away. They haven’t been spotted in years, and it’s unclear if he was at the wedding. This outlet exaggerates the seriousness of their relationship.

Since leaving Today, Gifford’s personal life has gotten much more private. Since she and Ferguson haven’t been spotted together, there’s no way we can trust this story.

Other Bogus Stories

Kathie Lee Gifford has been a frequent target The Globe’s ire. It was reported that Gifford wanted Cronk to propose a few months ago. This Ferguson story serves as a bizarre follow-up, but it was wrong then and it’s wrong now. Gossip CopAlso, it was debunked about Gifford’s feud with Hoda Kochb.

Just because Gifford isn’t on Today anymore doesn’t mean she now despises her close friend. Ferguson and Gifford are just friends but nothing more, and there’s no reason for this story to exist.

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