Katharine McPhee Defends Husband After Instagram Bikini Backlash

Katharine McPheeAfter a caption Foster left on an Instagram post, her wife is defending David Foster. Many of McPhee’s followers criticized Foster for what he said, but his wife was unbothered, telling those offended to “get a life.”

Bikini Photo Backlash

Foster posted a picture on Instagram of McPhee and Foster. “What baby!” he captioned the photo, referring to how quickly the actress had lost her baby weight. Rennie was born to the couple in February. 

Many people took offense at Foster’s caption, saying that it was inappropriate to comment on her postpartum body and that we shouldn’t expect women to immediately start trying to lose weight after giving birth. 

However, McPhee posted a swimsuit photo of her own, telling critics to “seriously get a life.” She posted a picture of herself in a red one-piece with the caption, “’I’m sorry but we are not sorry. And for all of you who can’t deal with it maybe this helps. I’ve struggled with weight my whole 20s and 30s. I’ve gone up and down 10 times over. Does that make it better? There is nothing wrong with that – most people do.”

“I lost this baby weight without dieting,” McPhee continued. “Zero. Diets are the worst and I’ve had zero pressure from anyone. I’ve let my body do its thing and found a great workout. That’s it. Guess what? I’ll probably gain weight again at some point too. Who cares? BUT people freaking out about what my husband captioned seriously get a life… Stop being so offended by what people post who have zero impact on your life and move on. Maybe you should have more of an attitude of like, let’s say… ‘oh that’s nice he thinks his wife is hot.’ I cannot with this overly sensitive society right now. But as Taylor Swift said haters gonna hate.”

Foster’s Daughters: ‘Let Her Live’

McPhee’s stepdaughters defended her in the comments section. “If I can accept my stepmom looking like this, you certainly should be able to,” joked Erin. “The photo wasn’t altered or filtered and she’s had no surgery. You can’t shame someone for feeling cute after a baby whether she’s sharing stretch marks or a six-pack. Let her live.” 

Sara added, “If you had had cellulite and stretch marks in the photo and the caption was exactly the same we would all be celebrating his post. But you don’t and that’s not allowed to be celebrated.”