The Bizarre Reason Why Princess Kate Never Removes Her Coat in Public

July 19, 2018Jul 19, 2018

The royal family has become some of the most popular individuals on the entire planet. When Prince Harry recently tied-the-knot with Meghan Markle, fans were super excited!

The entire family has been featured in content on various media platforms ever since. Now, fans are learning a bit more about Princess Kate.

As the wife of William, Kate has been in the public eye for quite some time now. She is a wonderful mother and role model and always looks classy and elegant.

However, fans often wondered about her coats. She is rarely, if ever, seen taking them off in public! This seemed strange to some people, especially when Kate would leave her coats on even indoors.

"Throughout the entire day, Kate wore her Dolce & Gabbana coat, even indoors and didn't unbutton it once," according to one site.

Now, we know the answer! Apparently, it is considered to be bad royal etiquette to remove your coat in public! Some say its even not appropriate for a woman to do!

"The royal women, including the Queen and Meghan Markle, can remove their coats but only if a camera isn't present. However, the cameras were said to be present throughout the engagement, meaning that there were no opportunities. This is just one of several bizarre rules that women of the royal family have to abide by on a daily basis," reported one news outlet.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts! Also, be sure to read our latest article about the dirt just dug up on Obama.

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