Kate Middleton Reveals Surprise Project She's Been Working on for Months, It's Amazing

January 16, 2019Jan 16, 2019

Kate Middleton is such an amazing figure. She has proudly been a wonderful role model for women across the globe since becoming a member of the Royal family years ago.

Now, Kate has just opened up about a secret project she has been working on for months! We think it is spectacular! She is working on a special garden!

"Andrée Davies, 55, and Adam White, 45, the landscape architects who Kate is collaborating with on the Royal Horticultural Society’s official garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, said that they had been secretly working with Kate for three months, emailing and speaking almost every day. They also joined Kate on her visit to a community garden in London on Tuesday," according to People.

The project is said to have been a passion for Kate in recent months. The team is very committed to working together and making the garden a place of inspiration for others.

“To us, this is very much about childhood memories. We all spoke about our childhood memories, being outdoors and exploring nature. She was very open and has been hugely collaborative,” White told reporters after Kate’s visit to Islington. “This is very much about the three of us, as co-designers.”

Kate is said to have a specific color palette for the space. However, we aren't quite sure what her ideas are at this time. We know they are sure to be lovely! The garden is said to foster talks of sustainability and also emphasizes health and nature. We can't wait for more pictures!

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