Kate Middleton Mocks Prince William’s Radio Voice in BBC Takeover

Prince William and Princess Kate
Chris Jackson/Pool/Shutterstock

There are new jobs available! Prince William Princess Kate recently took over a BBC radio show for a day — and Kate couldn’t help poking a little fun at her husband’s hosting voice.

The Prince and Princesse of Wales, both 40 years old, hosted the event. BBC NewsbeatTuesday, October 11, 2011 in honor of World Mental Health Day. They spoke to experts and advocates about the topic. However, they relaxed a bit and started to joke with the host after their appearance. Pria RinLearn more about their experiences.

“I’m conscious we might have run out of time and Pria might say this is the worst Newsbeat production by two interviewers she’s ever seen,” the Duke of Cambridge quipped. Rai, however, told him he didn’t do as badly as he thought. “You can come back,” she told the prince. “You’ve done a very good job!”

When the couple signed off for good, William tried out multiple voices while saying, “Thanks for listening.” Kate then told him to “please use all three” before bursting into giggles.

Earlier in the interview, William discussed the importance of building a “toolbox” for coping with mental health issues as they arise. “A lot of people don’t realize what they need until it actually comes along,” the former military pilot explained. “You can be living one life one minute and something massively changes, and you realize you don’t necessarily have the tools or experience to be able to tackle that.”

The U.K.-born native and his wife have been outspoken supporters of mental health over many years, supporting various organizations. In November 2019, William shared his thoughts about the impact of becoming a father on his work as an emergency pilot. Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte (7 years old), and Prince Louis (4 years old) are the children of the Duchess and Duke of Cornwall.

“The relation between the job and the personal life was what really took me over the edge,” William explained, noting that several “traumatic jobs involving children” had affected him deeply. “You start to take away bits of the job and keep them in your body. And of course, you don’t want to share with your loved ones because you just don’t want to bring that sort of stuff home.”

William and Kate will travel to the United States for a cause they are passionate about, the climate change. The duo will attend the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in Boston, marking the first time in eight years they’ve visited the U.S.

“Kate and William are not taking this trip lightly and have been brainstorming with their team about the most effective ways to make a positive impact in the U.S.,” an insider exclusively told Us Weekly of the pair’s trip. “They’re taking a hands-on approach with speeches and engagements.”