Kate Middleton Allegedly Reliving Her ‘Worst Nightmare’ After Prince William Cheating Allegations Resurface, Royal Gossip Says

Kate Middleton just turned 40, but one report says she’s miserable because of her husband’s indiscretions. Is she? Prince WiliamWhat happens when you are caught up in an affair Gossip Cop investigates.

‘William’s Affair Scandal’

According to In TouchMiddleton and William were in a difficult time in March 2019. Rumors ran rampant about William having an affair with Middleton’s friend and neighbor Rose Hanbury. The royal family used its power to shut the story down, but an insider says the scandal is “an open secret.”

The affair has resurfaced at the worst possible time, many years later. Middleton’s highly anticipated 40th birthday was ruined because Twitter suddenly began discussing the affair once more. An insider says the news has “brought back so many horrible memories for her,” and now she’s humiliated once more. Worse, Hanbury also married the Marquesss Cholmondeley. She’s always going to be in royal circles.

A source says, “Kate had a huge war with Meghan Markle, but at least she went away. Rose is here to stay. But Kate knows she has to keep calm and carry on.” Making matters worse is Prince Harry’s impending memoir, which has William nervous.

What is the role of the Sussexes?

Tabloids love attacking the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, so they’re often brought up from out of nowhere just for a quick jab. While the story should have been about Middleton and Hanbury it still frames Markle and Harry as the antagonists to royal family. It’s deeply unnecessary and says a lot about In Touch’s intentions.

Although rumors of an affair do exist, this is a long-standing history. William and Middleton are clearly not losing their sleep. Hanbury is still alive. close family friend. The SunAccording to a recent report, Hanbury was a friend of Prince George, and this is despite the fact that it was originally rumored. Before COVID-19 she was frequently around William and Middleton at social functions and church.

Gossip Cop cannot claim to know the real intimate details about what may or may not have happened between Hanbury and William, but there’s no reason for Middleton to still be losing sleep over someone she still considers a friend. William and Middleton just made their first outing of 2021, so they’re doing fine. In Touch is just dredging old rumors to create a scandal that doesn’t currently exist.

Other Royal Rumors

This tabloid doesn’t know anything about Middleton’s personal life. It promised a fourth pregnancy in 2019, and one year later it claimed that she would be having twins in 2021. None of these babies ever came. It also called William a sad, alcoholic, so its poor royal reputation is fully earned.

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