Kate Middleton Allegedly Fighting With Prince William Over Resurfaced Affair Allegations, Royal Gossip Says

Are You Kate Middleton Prince WilliamFighting over rumors of a resurfaced affair? One tabloid claims a rumored past fling cast a dark shadow over Middleton’s recent birthday celebrations. Let’s check in on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William And Kate Middleton ‘Fighting Over Affair Rumors’?

This week Star There are reports that things are going sour between Prince William Middleton, and Kate Middleton. Apparently, old infidelity rumors are plaguing the couple once again, and they’re struggling to come to terms with the overtly negative media attention. A UK journalist accused the duke of hiding reports about his alleged affair with Rose Hanbury in 2019. “A royal shouldn’t be afforded extra protection from scrutiny than any other public figure,” the journalist tweeted.

And now, Middleton is starting to question William’s loyalty all over again. “Not only have the rumors resurfaced, Kate’s insecurities have too,” an insider confides. “She’s been arguing with William again and checking up on him to see if Rose is trying to reconnect.” But William insists there’s never been anything romantic between him and Hanbury, and Middleton should pay no mind to the rumors. “They’ve learned from their mistakes and communicate more openly,” the tipster explains. “So that’s what she’s trying to do.”

Kate Middleton ‘Doubting’ Prince William’s Loyalty?

This is a weak story to say the least. First of all, Hanbury and William’s rumored affair was never confirmed, and the story was never very strong to begin with. After rumors of tension between Middleton, Hanbury, and others surfaced in 2019, many people concluded that their alleged feud was over William. From there, the story grew to the point that many outlets were reporting on it as fact. However, neither Hanbury nor Cambridge ever commented on this matter and the rumors eventually died down.

Now, this magazine claims Middleton’s birthday was somehow ruined because someone decided to tweet about the old rumors. We’re just not buying it. Since tabloids and gossip sites seem to be the only ones talking about this tweet, it’s likely that the Cambridges haven’t even heard about it. Besides, we’re sure Middleton and William resolved any issues these rumors brought up years ago, and they likely had no effect on Middleton’s 40th birthday celebrations.

The Tabloid On The Cambridges

We know better than anyone to trust Star When it comes down to Prince William and Kate Middleton. The outlet reported that Middleton had moved in with her mother after she was accused of having an affair with William in 2019. Then the magazine claimed William was trying to “leapfrog” over his father and take the throne. The publication also alleged Middleton and William had “baby fever.” And then, the outlet reported Middleton and Meghan Markle were set to have a “showdown” at Princess Diana’s statue unveiling. Obviously, Star isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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