Kate Hudson Baking Brownies With Her Daughter Is The Cutest Thing

Kate HudsonThis year, she is enjoying the holiday season with her adorable little daughter by baking some delicious and healthy brownies. Rani RoseYou can find it on Instagram. It is a cute little glimpse into a family life that, at the end of the day, doesn’t look much different than our own. It’s just a mother-daughter moment, with a delicious reward at its end.

Everyone Loves Brownies

Hudson and her daughter, dressed in pajamas, are seen baking brownies on a winter night. It instantly evokes memories of warmth and nostalgia. Many of us can vouch for doing the same with our grandmas and mothers growing up. These kinds of memories can be very powerful later in your life. These are simple pleasures.

The simple moments of baking a treat with our mothers, sticking a finger in the batter and being yelled about, but in the sweetest possible tones. It’s a sweet little trip down memory lane, and this social media post just shows us that celebrities are really no different than us. We all want the same thing: Brownies. Oh, and a loving family with whom to share those brownies.

Rani, three years old, breaks an egg into a bowl. This is by far the cutest and most relatable moment. She’s so darn proud of herself, and Hudson is proud too. It’s just adorable.

An Adorable Ad

Granted, it’s an ad read, so you know Hudson got hit up with some pretty pennies for this moment of nostalgia baiting. But it doesn’t matter if it works. Plus Hudson’s daughter gets to look back at the video in 20 years and relive these wonderful moments with her mom.

Dark chocolate sea salt brownies made from healthy ingredients sound incredible, so let’s not forget about that. Ad copy that works? This is no easy feat, and Hudson does it with grace. Simple Mills should give this woman a raise. She clearly knows exactly what she is doing, and how to do so.

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