Kasich Tries To Enlist Romney And Cruz To Derail Trump, Plan Backfires In A HUGE Way.

March 30, 2016Mar 30, 2016

Ohio Governor John Kasich continues to stay in the presidential race against reason, logic, and simple math.  Even if Kasich were to win every single remaining Republican delegate left, he would not have enough to win the nomination.

The only option left for Kasich is denying Trump or Cruz enough delegates to win the nomination outright and hope for establishment intervention at the convention.  According to CNN, Kasich’s campaign even went so far as to try and enlist Ted Cruz’s campaign to band together and deny Trump he delegates he needs to win. 

Mitt Romney attempted to bring the two campaigns together to discuss a strategy in which Kasich and Cruz strategically work together to derail the Trump train.  The plan would entail each candidate playing to strategic areas in each remaining state where they are most likely to garner votes.  In essence Kasich would siphon off delegates from certain counties and Cruz would do the same.

There was one major problem with Kasich’s plan and that is that Ted Cruz wanted nothing to do with it.

Jeff Roe, Cruz’s campaign manager said that Cruz has no desire to go along with Kasich’s misguided plan to steal votes from Trump as Kasich doesn’t take away voters from Trump, he would only be taking votes away from Cruz.

Cruz believes he can win the nomination outright.  While it is a long shot, Cruz at least has a statistical possibility.  He needs 82% of the remaining delegates to win.  Cruz has also made it clear that if Trump were to become the Republican nominee, he would fully support him.