Kash Doll Welcomes Baby Boy, See The Photo!


 Kash Doll Welcomes Baby Boy, See -The Photo!


Rappers, congratulations! Kash DollArkeisha Knight (real name Arkeisha), 32. Tracy T, real name Tracy Richardson, 30. The couple welcomed their baby boy recently Kashton Prophet Richardson.

December 7th was the day that the birth announcement was made. Tracy TA photo of him smiling in surgical scrubs was posted by his followers, hinting at the birth of their baby boy. 

Hours later, in a series Instagram stories posted at 4 am today (December 8th 2021), the original post was deleted. Tracy THe shared intimate moments with his third child. The first video shows him sitting with what appears like a sleeping baby. Kashton with the caption “Me and shawty chillin”

Tracy THe then uploads another clip of himself with the newborn, showing that he and his baby boy share the same hair, with the caption “Shawty having da same 1,” while whispering,

“Son have that same sh*t I’m having now, ayo!”

He also posted a watch and chain with diamonds that he purchased for his baby. The rapper can be heard saying these words in the video.

“Shawty ready to put that sh*t on… He’s ready to put this little sh*t on boy! You n*gg*s ain’t even having this one. He is ready to put it all on! Yeah.”

Kash Doll Also, she recently shared a photo of her first child with the caption:

“Call me crazy but i think i found the love of my life  (I’ve never felt this way before y’all somebody finally have me wrapped around his finger) Kashton Prophet Richardson has stole my heart

His ears brown y’all”

Indicating with her last sentence the age-old myth that the color of a baby’s ears and knuckles will indicate the child’s expected skin color over time. 

Kash Doll also made sure to plug her newborn’s Instagram account, which already has 11.4K followers, just two days after his birth. 

With parent’s as happy about his arrival asKash Doll Tracy TIt is clear that baby is important. KashtonYou will not be taken good care of.

Congratulations Kash Doll Tracy T!



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