Karen Pence Just Added Something Outside The Vice President's Home That Has The Media 'Buzzing'

June 06, 2017Jun 06, 2017

Karen Pence has made an outdoor addition at the Vice President’s residence that has left the media buzzing. She surprised everyone when she unveiled some new creatures that would be living on the property.

Karen Pence, along with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, announced Tuesday that they have established a beehive at the home she shares with her husband Vice President Mike Pence, according to Time.


Karen announced she is raising the bees as an effort to raise awareness of the dwindling honeybee population. Karen is one of the most prominent figures to publicly declare the importance of the honeybee.


Honeybees play a key role in our world. They help pollinate the crops and without them, U.S. farms are increasingly at risk, according to Time.

"All types of pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, birds, and bats, are critical to providing our nation’s food, fiber, fuel, and medicine," Pence said in her statement. "However, our beekeepers have been losing colonies for many years. This presents a serious challenge to our ability to produce many of the agricultural products that we enjoy today,” she said.


In recent years, bee populations have seen a drastic decline in numbers. About a quarter of the honeybees are at risk of extinction, according to a recent Center for Biological Diversity report. Loss of habit and the use of pesticides are mainly to blame for their decline in numbers.

Karen Pence has reportedly also raised bees before. When her husband was the Governor of Indiana she established a hive as well.

What do you think about this? Did you know honeybees are so important to our society?