Kanye West Threatening To Release Kardashian Leaks?

Does Kanye West possess “humiliating” information about the Kardashian family? One tabloid reported that the rapper had a case in his back. Kim Kardashian ever left him. Here’s what we know about West’s alleged revenge plot.

‘Crafty Kook’ Kanye West Keeping Secret Diary?

Twelve months ago, National Enquirer According to reports Kanye West didn’t intend to divorce Kim Kardashian. According to some reports, Kanye West was so determined that he had allegedly kept sensitive information about Kim Kardashian’s family in order blackmail her into staying married to him. “The ranting rapper has no intention of being cast aside without a fight,” the tabloid explained.

So, what exactly was West’s ace of spades? The answer is simple: Donda rapper was reportedly prepared to spill what “was real and what was faked on [Keeping Up With the Kardashians].” That included a truckload of dirt on the Kardashians’ relationships with Tristan Thompson, Scott Disick, and even Caitlyn Jenner. The magazine went on to speculate what exactly could be in West’s “secret divorce diary,” but never settled on anything specific.

Kim Kardashian Served Kanye West Divorce Papers

We’ll give the tabloid points for predicting the possibility of a West and Kardashian divorce, but that’s about all it got right. Kim Kardashian filed for divorce about eight months ago, and Kanye West hasn’t shared his alleged “secret divorce diary.” Besides, the Kardashians live extremely public lives. Given how integral their reality show was to their actual everyday lives, any distinction between what was “real” and what was “faked” for the show seems arbitrary.

The point is, we doubt West would be able to tell the public anything they didn’t already know about the family. Kim Kardashian was most famous for her leaked tape of sex. We’re not sure how you can get any more intimate than that.

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Kardashian and West are divorcing but the former couple remains on remarkably good terms. Kardashian put in the work to help promote West’s latest album release. She even wore a wedding gown to one of West’s events. Just a few days before, Kardashian hosted. Saturday Night Live fans spotted her grabbing dinner with West in NYC. It’s obvious West has no intention of tearing down the mother of his children.

The Tabloid on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

But we wouldn’t trust anything the National Enquirer Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are mentioned. The tabloid claimed that West was creating a Netflix docuseries to criticize the Kardashians earlier in the year. Then the outlet alleged Kardashian was fed up with West and “hell-bent” on going through with their divorce. The magazine later retracted that story, insisting Kris Jenner had told Kardashian to end their divorce. Evidently, the Enquire isn’t reliable when it comes to West, Kardashian, or their family.