Kanye West Is Working On A DONDA Sequel

Kanye West

Kanye West Is Working On A DONDA Reports Say Sequel

Kanye WestHe is giving his YEEZYs some time off to rekindle his first love.

Fashion phenom Kanye WestAccording to reports, he is 44 and will be returning to the recording studio. According to Complex, Steven Victor, who has worked alongside KanyeIt was confirmed by, that there will be a DONDA sequel. He stated:

“Ye has started working on his new masterpiece DONDA 2.”

Steven Victor

Steven Victor couldn’t give us an official release date for the follow-up album, but he appeared to be very enthusiastic about it.

The music executive didn’t confirm whether KanyeThe project has been officially named DONDA 2 or if it’s a working title.

Fans have been speculating about who might pop up on the “Praise God” rapper’s upcoming album. Maybe it will be a Canadian rapper-singer DrakeWhom? Kanye recently patched things up with at his “Free Larry Hoover” concert.


After the fight, the rivals were able to share the stage again. having some personal issues with one another that began in 2018.

Studio footage of KanyeHouston rap legend ScarfaceIt was discovered on the internet. Fans believe that any tracks they recorded in the studio will be on the internet thanks to this announcement. DONDA 2.

#DONDA is currently trending on Twitter as of today, January 4. One fan wrote about the announcement:

“Much like WTT 2, Yeezus 2, KSG 2 and JIK 2 this is not happening and whatever his next album is will not be called Donda 2.”

“Idk about the idea of a sequel.”

“s*** it’s just bouta be in the abyss with Yeezus 2 and JIK 2.”

“bro jus announced this bulls*** to fill the void.”

“To whoever tf Steven Victor is…[we know that’s cap].”

“can’t wait to listen in 2025…in my dreams cuz it wont drop.”

“Yea this s*** not dropping lmao, gonna have atleast 3 name changes before we get anything.”

“Idc as long as I get some leaks out of it like Yeezus2.”

“Y’all remember when he started working on Yeezus 2 lmaooo.”

“I’m ready. Donda is amazing and it’s aging really nicely.”



DondaWas? finally released in August 2021 after multiple name and album art changes. Most of the album’s many phases had been made public since 2020. The project is named after Kanye West’sDonda West was a beloved mother who died in 2007 aged 58.

Kanye West, mother Donda West

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